Pre-Cage Match Interview

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Pre-Cage Match Interview

Post  The-Mad-Redneck on Wed Mar 18, 2009 1:56 am

"Wild" Bill approaches The Mad Redneck's dressing room before his Cage match with The Xecutioner.

The Mad Redneck: Come in.

"Wild" Bill: Evening Red.

The Mad Redneck: Evening Bill. What can I do for you?

"Wild" Bill: Well, i know you are mentally preparing for your match tonight against X, but I was wondering if you had some time for the fans of the CWF.

The Mad Redneck: Sure do, as always. What is on your mind?

"Wild" Bill: Last week you had to team up with your opponent tonight, does that affect your mental state going into the cage at tonight's PPV?

The Mad Redneck: Not at all. X and I went out and did our jobs last week. Now it is time for us to meet in the ring. Unfortunately for him he has to face me in a cage. Not good place to have to face me especially when I am bac to 100%.

"Wild" Bill: So, you are over all the nagging injuries that you have been suffering from?

The Mad Redneck: Is there an echo in here? I thinkI just said that.......Just kidding you Bill. I am back, and now it is time to begin taking care of some unfinished business here in the CWF. Mainly with Bill Colt. Tonight I have to face X in a cag while Colt fight's for the Number 1 contender rights for the Heavyweight title. I say to him, to enjoy his glory now, because it will be short lived. I don't want his spot, I want revenge. And revenge is what I will I shall have. He will pay dearly, but tongiht I will have to get ready for I am off. Have a good one Bill.

"Wild" Bill: There you have it folks. Red is back, and back with a vengance. So, all better watch out. He is back.

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