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Post  Mr. Fantastic on Mon Mar 02, 2009 11:16 pm

Mr. Planner your 3:00 is here to see you. Should I send him in?

TMP: Sure why not?

(A sly grin crosses Planner face, he has his legs perched upon his desk and a glass of stotch in his right hand, he is well put together as always. He has a custom made dark blue pinstripe suit on brandishing his love for money)

TMP: 3... 2... 1...

(Mr. Fantastic swings the door open nearly knocking it off it's hinges. He clearly looks puzzled and begins pacing almost immediately)

Mr. F: Ok, ok (takes a deep breath and slowly collects himself) What exactly are you trying to do to me? I mean... I know you said you were trying to put me in business situation, make me prove my worth and what have you, but this... this is crazy!

Mr. F slides what looks to be a hospital bill across Planner's desk

Mr. F: It looks authentic to me! Care to explain?

TMP: Welcome to my shoes, kid! You run your mouth about being near the top (rolls eyes) and now you are. You are winning huge matches, main eventing every week Mr. Tuesday Night and you are living the high life as only yours truly can smiles, but that also comes with a territory. It gets superstars on your back!

Mr F: I know that and I'm used to having enemies, but Sleathy, Bill and worst of all THE MAD REDNECK!! Mr. F begins hyperventilating

TMP: The very finest! Calm down kid! Aligning yourself with strong people winks has drawbacks, mainly strong enemies. The best advice I can give you is calm down and think of a plan... because you're on your own!

Mr F begins to shake and looks at a loss for words. Has his mentor left him stranded?

[TMP: Tell you what... you look distraught and I know what calms me down... A nice drink! Let's get something in you!

TMP: Cancel my meetings for the rest of the day, my apprentice here needs some serious help!

The boss stands from his desk and puts his arm around his apprentice and friend, with his jacket over his other shoulder, they proceed to leave the office after a hard's day work.

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