A start of a new trend?

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A start of a new trend? Empty A start of a new trend?

Post  Guest on Fri Feb 06, 2009 7:08 pm

Alyssa Tyler is in the back looking for someone to interview about tonight's matches. She sees Somahkawahho walking towards his locker room with his head held low.. She begins walking towards him to see if she can get a quick interview with him.

AT:~~: Hey Somahkawahho, Can you hang on for a few seconds I need to ask you a few questions about what happened tonight?

Soma:~~: Sure.. But make it quick I am not feeling so well right now. I think I might be coming down with something..

AT:~~: OK, I will try to make this as quick as possible.. First off, What do you think about Eldor winning the CWF heavyweight title tonight?

Soma:~~: Well... Let me first off by congratulating Eldor for a great upset.. I did not personally think you would have a chance against him. I mean come on he has been on top of this federation since the beginning. And you well.. What can I say, You have some good points about you. But your were lacking something when you stepped in the ring with me. But it looks like you got it all together tonight and won the big title. So once again congrats on your victory..

AT:~~: Ok now what about your match tonight against Nacho Libre. He took you to the limit tonight. You think the same thing will happen again next week against Mask?

Soma:~~: Well first of all, I am guessing you did not hear me when I said I am not feeling that well. But that is why I looked so sluggish tonight against Nacho. I mean he did show me some stuff that I definitely have to watch out for next week against Mask. I can not be like I was tonight against him. I will definitely lose my chance at winning my title if I do show up like I did tonight. Now hopefully this bug goes away before then,so I know I can give him 100% of the Nightmare I plan on giving to him. I have been training my butt off here alot lately. I work out 2 hours a day in the gym, 2 hours a day in the mat room. And here lately I have been trying out some new high flying moves for this match. So I think I am ready for him finally. I mean look if Eldor can beat the Mad Redneck tonight. I can beat Mask when I face him. It is time for a change here in the CWF and it started tonight with Eldor!!. So Mask I hope you are ready for waht is coming your way. Because it is time to say goodbye to that title!!!!!... Now Alyssa you need to go so I can go smoke and get some sleep. Why don't you go find my brother for me and tell him to come and find me I need to say something to him.


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A start of a new trend? Empty Re: A start of a new trend?

Post  Guest on Sat Feb 07, 2009 2:36 am

~*~ Liberty finds Soma backstage and he goes up to him~*~

LR: Man did you see they moved me to Tuesdays. I cant get out of this losing streak and its pissing me off. Who knows when i will ever get out it.

Soma: dude dont worry you will pick up a win here soon enough your taking on some jobber named conan on tuesday.

LR: So it wont matter if I lose though. Im just sick of losing to all these damn people.

Soma: Look Liberty when I was down you kept me up now im gonna do the same so get dressed and we will get some chow then go train.

LR: Yea i guess that sounds good then man.

~*~LR and Soma leave the building ~*~


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