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time to shine

Post  elodor on Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:50 pm

EB: As you all saw last week in the ppv rematch i was unable to get my revenge on constrictor for defeating me at said PPV however I am not out here to complain about the ref stopping the match and declaring it a draw in fact I would like to congratualte constrictor on pushing me to my limits again, you certainly have a bright future, as far as im concerned we had the match of the night, and looking at this weeks card I think Im not the only one that thinks that way.

BQ: That brings us nicely to you Mask of Fury, you are a strong competitor and will also push Elodor to his limits, your title reign proves how good you are as you have beaten all challengers. However you havnt faced Elodor with your title on the line, and although this is a non title match Elodor will be as focused as if your title is on the line. I hope for your sake that you are prepared for this and do not take him lightly. We all know that Elodor has struggled to make an impact here in the CWF partially because of people we initially aligned with but heed this, he has put his problems behind him and is coming for you, be careful or



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