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Where is Mask? Empty Where is Mask?

Post  Mask of Fury on Thu Feb 12, 2009 5:52 am

Alyssa Tyler is walking backstage to the locker room area. "I'm back here searching for Mask of Fury to get his comments on his upcoming match with Somahkawahho tonight. But I can't seem to find him anywhere. I've been looking for...Hey Bill!! Have you seen Mask anywhere."

"Wild" Bill Bronson is standing down the hallway by the refreshment table, "Well, no little missy, I ain't seen him or Rey tonight."

"OK, well let me know if you see him. Fans, this is quite a development. Here we are at the biggest show of the month and the Asylum Champ is no where to be...Wait! I think I see Rey Maestro, Mask's manager, coming in from the parking lot. Rey! Where is Mask of Fury?"

Rey calmly walks up to Alyssa, donning a bright green suit, "Hola, mamacita, of course I know where he is, Mask is training."

"He's training? His match is coming up shortly. Shouldn't he be ready?"

"Oh, he'll be ready, that's why he's training. After last week's loss to 0dysseu5, Mask y yo decided he needed extra training to make sure he is successful tonight."

"Are you going to tell us his whereabouts?"

"All I will say is that he is where he is most comfortable. Now if you'll excuse me, I must go get ready for the match. But before I go, I must say Soma, its time for you to face the Fury!"

"Well, there you have it fans, the hardest working luchador in the CWF is still preparing for his big title defense tonight. Now let's go back to Larry and Scott."

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Where is Mask? Empty Re: Where is Mask?

Post  Guest on Thu Feb 12, 2009 9:46 pm

Somahkawahho is seen walking with a box of cigars in his hands,towards his locker room. Alyssa Tyler runs towards him before he walks into his locker room.

At:~~: Somahkawahho!!!, Can you hang on for a second? I want to try to get a interview with you before you match tonight with Mask..

Soma:~~: Um sure, But you will have to come inside with me. I am about to smoke. You know I have to get my head right before I go into the ring tonight.

At:~~: Yes,Yes I know...

Soma:~~: Ok well as long as you know. My door does not open until the entire box of cigars are gone. And I do not want to hear anything about oh it is too smokey in here or any of that kinda of stuff.

At:~~: Ok Ok, Geez I know what the deal is with you about your prematch ritual.

Soma:~~: Good Just making sure you did not forget!!

Somahkawahho and Alyssa walk into Somahkawahho's locker room. Somahkawahho locks the door behind them..Somahkawahho walks over to a table and begins lighting a cigar..

Soma:~~: Now what do you want Alyssa?

At:~~: Well if you did now notice Mask has been M.I.A. lately.. And just a few minutes ago I saw Rey Maestro, And he said Mask has been in intense training this last week. So he makes sure he does not lose tonight to you.. Do you have any comments on that?

Soma:~~: He has been in training?.. Hmmm I think i would have done the same thing, After that showing of his last week hahaha.. But for real I am glad that Mask went and trained even harder for tonight's match. I did not want to face some guy who wasn't a hundred percent. It would be just wrong taking My Title from him tonight. So again I am glad that he went back and started to get some more training for tonight.

At:~~: So you are not worried about tonight's match?

Soma:~~: Of course I am worried a little bit, I mean this is my first singles title match ever. And I do not want to disappointment myself or anyone else that wants to see me when this title tonight. So Mask let me direct some words to you now. Tonight will be the end of your title run, I think you have had it long enough. It is time for The Apache Nightmare to be named the ASYLUM CHAMPION!!!. So you better hope all of that extra training has helped you because I plan on making your night a living hell!!.. Now Alyssa I am almost done with this cigar.. This is your chance to leave while you can. I know you do not like to be around me that much when I am smoke.

At:~~: Ok thanks Somahkawahho.. Good luck with your match tonight!!


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