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Post  Odysseu5 on Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:52 am

Odysseu5's dressing room is a mess. Nacho chips are strewn around the floor, bottles are everywhere and for some inexplicable reason theres a shopping cart lying haphazardly in the corner. Odysseu5 is sprawled face down on the floor, with what looks like some of Somakawahho's cigars clutched in his hand. Light shines into the room as Manson and Kip O'Gara step into the mess.

Odysseu5 what the hell!

Odysseu5 rolls over and squints into the light. A piece of nacho chip is stuck to his left cheek.

Manson...hey buddy. Long time no see.

Dude you just took off after our title defense party. Where'd you you go? Last I heard you were mumbling something about a treasure trove and Zeus's blessing or some junk.

Odysseu5 sits up sharply, suddenly alert.

You're never gonna believe this mate. So I got a call from my good buddy Ajax the other night, sailed all the way here from Salamis. Anyways me and Ajax go way back, and I had to go out with my old friend for a bit of a time. Anyways we got trashed around the arena and found this locker full of wallets, there must have been a coupla' thousand dollars holed up in there! Anyways we figured that was a sign from the gods, a gift for the underhanded wages Planner pays us. Smart business man that one, always gets his profits.

Odysseu5's eyes light up as he sees the cigar clutched in his hand. He fishes a lighter out of his pocket, and lights the tip. A thin pungunt smoke begins to permeate the room.

Then since we figured we had found one secret, we thought we should have a look around the rest of the dark corners of the Asylum. That's where I found these.

Odysseu5 points at the cigar in his hand.

Well maybe I found these in Somakawahho's dressing room, but hey who's pointing fingers? Anyways it's great stuff. Really helped us think up ideas on how to spend that money. I remember being in Vegas for a little while...I think maybe I was on a beach too...and snow. I remember snow. I'm not really sure where I've been actually. But the money's all gone.

Guess it's about time we start training again huh?

Manson and Kip just shake their heads in amusement. Odysseu5 suddenly notices Kip

Hey Manny- Who's the runt?

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Post  Manson O'Gara on Fri Mar 06, 2009 5:47 pm

Manson: 0dysseu5, I'm fairly sure I've introduced you to Kip before, we were at that party, with the two girls, one looked like a dude and we were asking her if she actualy was a man... My half brother Kip here was the guy who ended up snogging her at the end of the night.

0d: ahh your the guy who got a little suprise in the night!

Kip looks embarrased, Kip: aren't you the guy who was lying in the ice cream tuck naked the other day shouting, "I am soooo chilly?

0d: don't remember it. Hey Manny fancy some of these cigars? With the money I got in vegas I bought a few more!

Manson: maybe later, you know how it is when you have to babysit. Aparently this one helped me out in my match last night, but I don't remember seeing him put Elodor in the Encore.

Manson ruffles Kip's hair.

Manson: anyway I'm going to have to go, this one wants some chocolate...

Kip: no i don't you said you wante...

Manson: hahaha anyway got to dash, will speek to you soon about the up coming pay-per-view and who we are likely to defend our title against. Just promise me you wont do anything too crazy between me leaving now, and me getting back in about an hour.

0D: I promise nothing

Manson: good enough for me!
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