2 wins and a title shot

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2 wins and a title shot Empty 2 wins and a title shot

Post  Manson O'Gara on Fri Feb 06, 2009 6:52 pm

0dysseu5 and O'Gara are sat in Manson's locker room, drinking a few pints and generaly having a good time.

0.D. : Manny, got to say I'm liking this free bar you've got going here. I could almost live here!
O'Gara: mate some days I DO live here hahaha

the two crash glasses into each other on a note of "chears"

0.D. : this thursdays the big night. we've got the title shot, so this time we have to actualy prove we can win something with a belt involved!
O'Gara: true, but lets looks at it this way. We have the momentum going into this match, so it should be a breeze.

there is a moment of silence.

O'Gara: I know what you're thinking, and we shouldn't have to pull a prank on the underdogs. Look where it got us last time, tied to a pole outside the dog races. An old woman had to help us down, I'm sure she loved every minute but we cant get in that situation again!
0.D just smiles, :no, we're gonna have to think outside the box here manny. My pranks tend to work better, and I only tend to think of them when I'm...a little bit drunker than this. Just say the word manny and I'l come up with a way to get even with them...

O'Gara taps his glass ontop of 0dysseu5' and nods his head.

O'Gara: OK then...but first...more drinks!
Manson O'Gara
Manson O'Gara
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2 wins and a title shot Empty Back at their old tricks

Post  Odysseu5 on Fri Feb 06, 2009 8:14 pm

Odysseu5 and Manson O'Gara's laughter can be heard echoing throught the empty corridors of the Asylum. It's late at night, and no one seems to notice the fact that Odysseu5 is rolling an industrial size barrel towards the Underdog's training facility. Inside the gym, O'Gara is clumsily ripping out the innards of a gigantic punching bag. Odysseu5 enters the room with the barrel on his shoulder, the McDonald's restaurants logo prominently displayed on the side of the can

OD5- (slurring) Well Manny, eyes tuld ya I wood think 'a sumpin. I gots us sum curporat sponsership.

O'Gara collapses into a fit of drunken laughter, before he can respond

OD5- McDonald's waz generous enough ta give us sum of their finessst lard for my luttle expar-i-ment. That and the 27 big macs I just polished off.

It's quite obvious. Sauce is smeared all over the face of the Trojan, and his gut seems to be hanging out from his ketchup and mustard stained armour. Showing incredible drunken strength, Odysseu5 drives a fist through the thin metal of the barrel top, and fills up the large punching bag beyond its capacity. O'Gara, with a another show of drunken dexterity, manages to sew the bag back together in what looks like haphazard fashion, but turns out to be a very professional looking job.

OD5- Carful nut ta make it too gude...don't want tha stuff ta stay inside.

Odysseu5 now seems unable to control his fit of laughter, and collapses to the floor, at the thought of the punching bag exploding lard all over Tsik...The two fiendishly go about pulling every juvenile prank they can think of- the toilet seat is covered in plastic wrap, the showerhead filled with itching powder, and every available seat seems to have been whoopie cushioned. As the pair get ready to leave, slightly soberer, and way more entertained, they take the time to scrawl a message across DoC's chalkboard-

-BARDEY WAS HERE! (and kris rosin)-

Manson finishes writing the message, throws the marker into the middle of the chaos that used to be a training room, and the two stumble-jog away towards their own room, kicking the empty barrel in front of them

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2 wins and a title shot Empty Results

Post  tsikenonwaristak on Sat Feb 07, 2009 8:56 pm

The camera is clearly moving around in the corridors and we can hear a stifled laughter before it becomes a hearty laughter. The camera enters the door and we can see the reason why. Tsi is pretty much shocked while covered in lard pile which resulted from the punching bag. DoC is clearly laughing.

DoC: (laughing)(signing/talking: Ha ha ha ha ha! We certainly have had forgotten about the Rock OD for a while. The message says: Bardey and Kris Rosin, but we already knew their demise. Besides those unknowns would not do anything with us at all. I have to applaud Rock OD for putting us in a great mood.

DoC's mood becomes solemn while Tsi cleans himself up. Tsi looks puzzled at DoC's sudden change of mood and waves his hand up and down at DoC. DoC sighs and signs while talking again

DoC: I'm not sure what will happen to tag team because right now Tom Dudley is apparently nowhere to be found after the itching powder incident in the shower room. Plus my loss to Killer nurse's chair tactics which put me back to square one against a hardened sergeant which I am somewhat excited but not entirely... I wonder if Tom Dudley still have the heart to commit to the Underdogs> Maybe... Rock OD has pulled one of the greatest pranks to wake us up....


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2 wins and a title shot Empty Re: 2 wins and a title shot

Post  Tom Dudely on Mon Feb 09, 2009 4:22 am

Tom walks up behind Tsi and Doc.

Tom: Hey guys!

Doc and Tsi turn towards Tom. Tom pulls off his sunglasses. Doc signs for Tsi as Tom speaks.

Tom: Look, I heard what you guys said about my heart. I've got the heart, I've just been extremely sick the last few weeks. I'm still...

Tom coughs.

Tom: I'm still trying to get over it. Don't worry though. I'm back and ready to roll. Let's show Rock OD why we're undefeated as a team.

Tom Dudely

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2 wins and a title shot Empty Re: 2 wins and a title shot

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