CWF: Heaven and Hell Interview

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CWF: Heaven and Hell Interview

Post  The Xecutioner on Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:33 pm

Alyssa Tyler and "Wild" Bill Bronson are with The Xecutioner before his match against Wrecking Ball.

Tyler & "Wild" Bill: Hello X.

X: Hi Tyler and Bill. Why is there two of you? Please I just want one of you to interview me not two. So who wants to leave. Not being nasty here just asking nicely for one of you to leave.

Alyssa Tyler and "Wild" Bill talk about it.

Tyler: Bill, I've interviewed him much more than you have. I feel its your turn.

"Wild" Bill: Thank you Tyler.

Alyssa Tyler leaves leaving Bill Bronson to interview The Xecutioner.

"Wild" Bill: So X, what are your thoughts on this upcoming match against Wrecking Ball?

X: Well Wrecking Ball is a tough competitor, I can't make one mistake it is a tough match. I know his weaknesses from last week's tag match. He has strength's as well, but if I hit my Spear then it could be all over in a second.

"Wild" Bill: Do you think you will get another title shot in the near future if you impress tonight?

X: Well if I do impress and win, i do hope to get a title shot in the future, it may not be next season, as The Mad Redneck or the GM will get a shot next season, but I do hope the title shot I get will be the season after.

"Wild" Bill: Well thank you for your time.

X: Yep. Thank you.

The Xecutioner leaves backstage.

"Wild" Bill: Well there you go. The Xecutioner will be hoping to win and get a future title shot. But will this be the case?

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