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Post  la meako on Wed Feb 18, 2009 1:05 am

*La meako is seen walking when he comes in front of a door with the words "GM room" on it, la meako knocks on the door*

TMP:"come in."

*the door swings open and la meako walks in*

la meako: "hey boss, i was just wondering if you saw my match at the pay-per-view?"

TMP: "yeah , i saw. why? you're wasting my time and time is something i need to bring in the greens"

la meako:"hey , i'll be quick. i was just wondering if i could get a rematch. for MY hardcore championship on thursday night?"

TMP: "and why should i give you a rematch? you've made it pretty clear the last two weeks, you can't beat frank creed."

la meako: "hey man, you know that was a fluke. i could of beaten frank with one hand tied behind my back and my other hand scolded in boiling hot water. please, i beg you give me a rematch."

TMP:"no, i'm not going to give you a rematch. but i like you kid, and i know the fans are fond of you, so i'll put you in a number 1 contenders match at the next ppv."

la meako:"ugghhh. i guess that'll have to do, errmmm who against?"

TMP:"well your going to have to wait until i decide. now get out of my office before i sell you for livestock".

*la meako hurries out of the room, he knows the boss don't joke*

OOC: either TMP introduce you cso hardy, or cso hardy ask , i'm not that fussed.

la meako

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Re: re-match!!!!

Post  Cso Hardy on Wed Feb 18, 2009 4:41 pm

Hardy is shown in the hospital room no. 1005....

Hardy receives a letter from the GM:

"La Meako came to me the other day seek for a re-match but I said to him that first he has to defeat a fellow contender to the title! I chose you to face La Meako for the no. 1 Conteder' for the Hardcore Title. I hope you won't make me to regret my decision.. I believe in your talent you will be the next Hardcore champion."

Hardy: Well I didn't see that coming but I am glad that the Boss chose me! First of all I have to get better.....I'm on the right track because the doctors said that soon I will be able to leave the hospital!!!!
Cso Hardy
Cso Hardy

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Re: re-match!!!!

Post  Guest on Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:27 pm

~*~Liberty is seen in the back and he begins to motion towards the cameraman to come to him~*~

LR: Everyone craves lifes pleasures yet you don't indulge.
You want to drink from ecstacy's cup yet you wont imbide you want to walk the edge like me. but your afraid to fall so you back away slowly hoping none notices your frailties your cowardness
you wish you weren't so weak and you hurt
but what do you know about pain try walking in my shoes experience my sorrow a childhood with out hope a life without joy
but hey at least you'll be alive
they say the raven is the flocks guide down aliens nations, barren paths , but really I walk alone, La Meako your just another one who needs to be shown the true path follow me and i will show it you. Fail and well im sure we all know what will come from that


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Re: re-match!!!!

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