The blood of planner

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The blood of planner

Post  elodor on Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:37 pm

Elodor grabs a camera backstage with a personal message for The Management Planner

EB: Management Planner your time draws near, you have done everything to weaken me before you would face me, but Planner here I am, still standing, still fighting.

Your games, your distractions and your allies mean nothing now, its you and me for MY title, and Planner know this I've said it before and I'll say it again, I will do anything to keep this title, ANYTHING, do you hear me Planner, remember I warned you, back out now, save yourself, for if you stay, if you fight me, your Blood will flow.

I say this to everyone, this match may not be suitable for the young or the faint of heart to watch, you see Planner you may be the GM around here but I for one am fed up with you throwing your weight around in your attempts to regain this title, first you did it to The Mad Redneck knowing you couldn't beat him you forced him into situations until he couldn't win, yes I benefited from that but then you realised that I was a bigger threat than you thought, I beat Red when your lacky Bill Colt couldn't. So now you do the same to me. Well tonight it ends, tonight the blood of the management planner will be on my hands.

But Planner your blood flowing will not be my fault, it may be on my hands but you only have yourself to blame, you've backed me into a corner and now you will suffer.

Maybe after I beat you, no, after I destroy you, you will realise the error of your ways, you will realise that you should except you are no longer the champ and you wont be for a long time to come.

Planner I ask you this Are you a MONSTER? Are you a FREAK? or Are you a HERO? I know what I am and I know what I will become tonight.

May god have mercy on your soul for I will have none.


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