MoF In-Ring Before the Match

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MoF In-Ring Before the Match

Post  Mask of Fury on Thu Feb 05, 2009 8:36 pm

The lights in the arena go dark. "Jimbo" Jeffords gets on the mic and announces to the crowd, "Ladies and gentlemen on the Asylum, accompanied to the ring by his manager, Rey Maestro, here is your Asyluuuuuum Champion, Mask oooooof Fury!!!!"

The crowd erupts into applause and excitement for the undefeated champion and his manager as the lights slowly fade back on.

Rey and Mask enter the ring and Rey reaches for the microphone. "Hola amigos! It is time once again for your Campeón del Asilo to face yet another challenger here in la Federación de Lucha Libre Clásica. Tonight's opponent is the Trojan Warrior himself, 0dysseu5. After last week's time limit draw with Elodor, Mask has been training non-stop to give you fans what you all want to see: Mask of Fury victorious!"

The crowd starts chanting, "Fu-Ry, Fu-Ry, Fu-Ry!!"

"Now, tonight may not be for the title, but nevertheless, you will see the high-flying and arm-wrenching action that Mask always delivers. So, 0dysseu5, we hope you are prepared for the Fury on the horizon."

Rey hands off the mic and gives Mask some last second advise, before dropping to the ringside area leaving Mask in the ring for his oncoming competition.

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Re: MoF In-Ring Before the Match

Post  Odysseu5 on Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:32 pm

Odysseu5 walks out from backstage, his armour glittering like polished silver. The flashing lights of the jumbotron reflect off his chestplate as he strides slowly down to ringside, snatching the mic away from the ringside announcer. He raises an arm slowly and points it menacingly at Mask of Fury

OD5- Mask I think it's time someone showed how to deal with your luchadore style crap. I'm sick of all you speedsters bouncing around, and making things difficult. Tonight it's time someone put the champ in his place.

Odysseu5 slowly removes his helmet, never breaking eye contact with the high-flying Mask of Fury. As he tosses the microphone casually to the ringside announcer, the house lights go up, and the announcer makes his way into the ring to announce the two wrestlers, who are now locked in a staring contest from their respective corners.

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