Stealthy's Challenge To J Mysterio

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Stealthy's Challenge To J Mysterio

Post  Guest on Wed Feb 11, 2009 4:03 am

Alyssa: Fan's of the CWF has got their eye's on this man...Stealthy!.. its nice to see ya Stealth.

Stealthy: I'm sure it is nice for you to see me Alyssa...[Grins] But you know i have travel the world and competed with the best of the best...and i got to say...I Got to give credit to the little man J Mysterio! THATS RIGHT! The little guy Is Very Fast When He Is To Busy running around in the ring trying to get away from your's truly....
And now im here to try to set the record strait....The ref must have felt compelled to call the match a draw because he must have felt sorry for that little midget...THATS RIGHT! He felt sorry for the little guy because he knew i was fixing to end his career! But Now I Got A Problem And the problem is J Mysterio! So Mysterio Here it is Pal....I challenge you To A [I Quit Match] And lets see if you can do what you say you can do and thats to beat me...In the middle of the ring and make me say....I Quit....What do you say little man come on out here now and tell me you accept....

Alyssa: Wow An I Quit Match! Stealthy i'm not sure if J Mysterio wants to have that he here? can we get J Mysterio out here?

Stealthy: The little man might still be He might be to scared to come on out here to tell Big Daddy he is man enough to accept that challenge!...After all... i am the man Baby! Wooooooooo!

Alyssa and Stealthy Stands Their Waiting....

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Re: Stealthy's Challenge To J Mysterio

Post  J Mysterio on Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:15 am

J Mysterio approaches Stealthy and Alyssa with a mic.

J:"So, a draw ain't good enough for you. It's the same here! I'll give it to you, you put up a good fight and you are extremely talented but you just couldn't get it could ya? That will be the downfall of your career, always close, but no cigar. Oh and by the way I ACCEPT!!! Thank you for your time."

J walks off dropping the mic at Stealthy's feet.
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Re: Stealthy's Challenge To J Mysterio

Post  Guest on Wed Feb 11, 2009 2:33 pm

Stealthy Stands Their With A Look Of Disbelief....

Alyssa: Well their you have it Stealthy...J Mysterio has just accepted The [I Quit Match] Any thoughts now stealthy

Stealthy looks speechless and confused....

Stealthy: I dont believe this....That Midget Got Some Guts!...I....I got to go.

Stealthy Walks Off The Interview Platform With A Worry Look On His Face.

Alyssa: Ladies and gentlemen...I think Stealthy just realized that the star's here at CWF are not push overs...and in this federation Stealthy will face some of the greatest wrestlers in the world...If it's competition Stealthy wants...He Found it. Stealthy Vs J Mysterio In A [I Quit Match] Coming Soon!

The Camera Fades.


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Re: Stealthy's Challenge To J Mysterio

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