Colt gets a Bill

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Colt gets a Bill Empty Colt gets a Bill

Post  Bill Colt on Mon Feb 23, 2009 2:23 am

* Bill Colt comes storming up the hallway with a piece of paper firmly clutched in his hand. When he gets to the GMs office he walks in without knocking and tosses the paper onto the desk. *

Bill Colt: You had the hospital bill ME for Mad Redneck's doctor's visit?

* The Management Planner looks over the piece of paper and then sets it down on the table and pushes it back towards Bill. *

MP: Though I find a strange sort of satisfaction on your look at the moment, the fact is that all my wrestlers have full coverage under our medical plan. All the bills come to me. Someone is messing with you.

Colt: You mean you had nothing to do with this?

MP: I wish I could take credit, but no.

* Colt picks up the paper, looks it over, and then leaves without a word. *

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