Bill Colt prematch interview

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Bill Colt prematch interview

Post  Bill Colt on Wed Mar 18, 2009 10:35 pm

* "Wild Bill" walks into the locker room where Bill Colt is about to emerge and face Wrecking Ball for the #1 contender for the Classic Heavyweight Championship. *

Wild Bill: Bill Colt, I was wondering if you'd give me a quick moment before you head out to the ring.

Colt: Indeed, I can. Fire away!

Wild Bill: It appears that you're finally getting your reward for helping Planner test his Apprentice. Do you feel that Mr. Fantastic made the right choice in Wrecking Ball as your opponent?

Colt: Bill, Wrecking Ball is a joke. I've faced tougher, and I've beaten tougher, so I have no illusions about how this match is going to end: Three slaps of the hand and the ring of the bell as I'm announced the #1 contender for the Classic Heavyweight Championship. And it doesn't matter who comes out of Elodor and Planner's match the winner, neither of them will retain the title for long.

Wild Bill: And earlier I talked to the Mad Redneck and he says he's out for revenge against you. Any thoughts?

Colt: Yeah, but I'll use small words so the idiot redneck can understand me: I no care. I beat him easy. Then he go on hospital trip again.

* Bill Colt then walks out and heads towards the ring. *

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